Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tag I'm It!

Okay, April is that really fair? You can't tag everyone! But okay i will do my best to think of 6 randoms, about me...

1) I am very competitive, at everything. I am a sore loser so I don't even play board games. It is not fun to me i just end up fighting with someone. So, pretty much i will do what it takes to win, a game, a yelling fight, a hitting fight, etc.. I will always get the last word.

2) I used to catch grasshoppers when I was very young and sing to them then I'd let them go, don't ask me why, maybe because they couldn't talk back!

3) I have the cutest son in the world, as well as, nieces and nephew. You may agree, just go to April's blog and Angie's blog. Find out for yourself. My next baby sure has some big shoes to fill!!!

4) I took gymnastics for many years, when I was in 6th grade I was 5'7". They told me if I was already this tall I needed to quit. I was heart broken, i guess I had no future being tall... So, needless to say they are big dummies. I never grew another inch, who gets the last word now??? They really missed out!

5) I collected cats as a young girl. Stuffed, glass, ciramic, you name it. I love cats, but i am allergic to them so, thats the end of that!

6) My favorite color is yellow, then pink, then orange, then blue.


erik&sammy said...

Yellow, then pink, then orange, then blue huh. Ha ha, yes, if we have girls they are doomed after Ruby! I should just give up now! I have 3 stinkers that I have live up too! ha ha, its ok, i'm sure that they'll all be old by the time we have kids.

April said...

Yeah you are the most competive person. I have the scars and memories to prove it. And I never told you but your collection of cats always scared me.