Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A few questions and notes...

1.At what age is it okay to leave your child in the bath tub alone?
2.When do you start potty training little boys?
3.When did you give your kids a pillow in bed?
4.When did you move them into a big bed?
5.What age did you give your child real toothpaste?
6.When did you move your child out of the high chair?
7.What should I get Brody for graduation?

These are just some questions that I'm not sure there are actual right answers to, but I am curious what you did and what are your experiences with these. Here are my answers...

1.I'm baffled, I would never leave Bingham, even for a second. But I think maybe when he is 5 or 6, but still only leave for a second at a time, is that right?
2.I figure I'll wait until the baby arrives. Maybe I'll start in the fall when he is about 28months.
3.I gave Bingham a pillow at about 16months. He had a bad cold so I propped up his head then he wouldn't sleep with out it!
4.I turned his crib into a bed at age 20months, but we'll move him to the actual big bed at age two.
5.I still haven't but should I?
6.I moved Bingham out of the highchair about 16months. He just made a mess and tried to climb out, he has his own special table...


Becky said...

Here are my answers-they aren't in order, just in paragraph form :)

I actually heard that you can leave your kids alone in the tub after they are 5. I don't think you can decide at what age to potty train. I told myself when Ian was 2 1/2 I would do it, and I tried, but he wasn't ready. I kept trying every month after that, and finally he wanted to do it. He was 5 months away from turning 3. I gave Ian a pillow as soon as I moved him into a big boy bed which was when he was 19 months old. I can't remember when I started putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, but it was probably when he was about 1. You are only supposed to put a tiny tiny amount on it! As for the graduation present, I will have to give it some thought. Hope that helped!

Sammy said...

Dang these are great questions, of which i don't know! but good luck. As for brody and his graduation. what about a new fishing pole? hmmm thats a toughy.

Chad & Krissie said...

Hey cute girl,
I don't think I would ever leave sotera in the tub, maybe when she starts school (5) then I guess she can start washing herself so i guess I might as well leave her to it! I am also in the same thought, you can't tell your kid to potty train, unless you want alot of stress & tears! They just do it when they are ready. Sotera showed signs of being ready @ 2 1/2, & was potty trained for a whole week & she decided she didn't want to do it anymore. So I was frustrated & I probably cried more than she did! (But trust I was probably not the nicest so she cried too) but after about a week I relaxed & stopped. then 2 months before she turned 3 she potty trained herself! I found I could easily bribe her with a pink birthday cake for her b-day & that was that. Game Over!:) I gave sotera a pillow when she went into her big girl bed for her 2nd b-day. I started using real (kids) toothpaste when she was about 2. but you can only put a pea sized amount on toothbrush until they turn 5. Sotera has never had a real high chair it has always been a highchair that snaps clicks onto a real chair. So most of the time she sits in it like a booster seat up against the table. When she eats something that is really messy I still put the tray on & she's 3. otherwise it's the booster or the stool. for Chad's graduation I framed his diploma with a really nice pic of the school he graduated from same size as diploma matted them together with the diploma underneath pic. & had it framed. Then when he graduated from flight school I did the same thing with his flight diploma & framed his wings under the diploma. to match the other grad. pic! hope this helped! Krissie:)

April said...

I leave Hudson sometimes and he's almost 4. But he doesn't like to "swim" in the bath tub. But he takes showers a lot now too and well I can't be in there so I think he is old enough.
Potty training, well you know I started early with Hudson and that failed, I did it when he was ready and it worked. Don't start till they are ready or you will be doing it forever.
The pillow, right now with Ruby 16 months, same thing she had a cold and well now, she can't live with out it.
The toothpaste thing is when they can spit and understand not to swallow. Hudson uses kid toothpaste. He does pretty good, i think i started at about 3.
Big boy bed was right before Ruby. I think if I don't have another for awhile I will wait to put Roo in a bed for awhile, we all know shes crazy and I don't know that she will stay in bed. So the crib until she's 5 or if I have another kid. Ha Ha.
The highchair, well Ruby is still in one, but as you know she loves big chairs, so I think anyday I will switch, I think she would eat better in a chair or booster.

April said...

I think you are doing just great as a mom at everything. So don't worry.

anne said...

I love keeping up with the Speechly girls blogs - hope you don't mind my comment. I was always over protective I suppose, being a nurse - - but all the guidelines and literature state NEVER leave alone even a second - any toddler - and on one article it stated 38% of drownings in bathtub were kids 5-6 years old. They panic and don't know how to get their faces out - even in very swallow water. Just FYI - -

jackie said...

Ok so I'm a bad mom....When Havannah bathes I do my laundry!!! Our bathroom is visible from our bedroom completely but that's what I do. If I ever have to put Sophie down when she's in the tub I make her sing to me so I can hear her. She's usually singing anyways but it makes me feel better. She got a pillow w/her big girl bed at like 15 mo. Potty trained...whenever YOU'RE ready. They say whenever THEIR ready but I say whenever You're do all the work!! and Ouch again...Havannah has used real toothpaste since I started brushing her 1ish. I didn't know you weren't supposed to! But it seems like my Pediatrician okayed it before I did it....? And the graduation gift....Give him a sports car!!! (I'm hoping Brody reads this so I can get some brownie points) Just teasing...what we talked about at playgroup would be great I think! You had a good idea.

Jeff&Amy said...

Good questions, Aim! I sometimes leave Carson for a minute (actually like right now) oops! But I can hear him talking and splashing and I am right outiside the door really. And I just keep checking on him. I would never just leave him for a while, though. Carson just got into a big boy bed and started using a pillow, so I don't know if there is an age. I used the toddler toothpaste that is ok to swallow for a while, but then we switched to the kid toothpate. His favorite is Curious George. And I use an electric toothbrush and make him spit right at the end and then we rinse his mouth like 3 times. Who knows what you are really supposed to do? And Carson still isn't potty trained. We try to encourage him, but he just doesn't have a whole lot of interest. I figure whenever he is ready to do it. (Hopefully before our new baby comes!) And Carson just decided that he was done with the high chair. As soon as we took him out he started eating better because he could sit at the table with us. We never have a problem with him getting down anymore and it feels like he is more with the family at dinner time. And I think you should give Brody the thing we talked about at playgroup. Like I said, it was really cute when Jeff gave it to me for graduation. Fun questions! That was a good blog! I love reading everyone's answers. :)

Erik and Candace said...

When I started bathing Austyn I Started to leave Gracie for a sec to go get her Jammies from her room or dress Austyn on the bed but I would also make Gracie sing or talk to me. Well one night while I was at work Erik had Gracie in the tub and was feeding Austyn a bottle sitting on the toilet. Gracie's bum slipped out from under her and Erik said she did panic, he said if he wasn't right there at that second she would be gone. It really scared him so now I get all the jammies and towels as the tub is filling up. I still give Gracie toddler toothpaste. I don't know when to give them real toothpaste, but I probably won't for a while. It seems like it would be a little too strong for her. I actuallly gave Gracie a pillow kind of young, I can't remember how young, but her tummy always hurt and I would do anything to make her feel better. Bad Mommy! I agree with Jackie, when you're ready. Gracie has been ready for a while now, she's done both on the toilet with little thought and asks to wear pull ups and panties, but I haven't had the time to really go through the whole process with her. I am really going to work with her on it.
I'm sure Brody would like anything and isn't expecting anything. I also think the gift you mentioned at playgroup is a good one!