Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fireworks Note...

We went to the fireworks in No Ogden on Saturday night! It was really fun, we went with my cousin Sheena and Nick. Bingham loved it so much! I can't believe we actually let him stay up that late (11:30pm). He was really good though. The little sweety! Here are a few pics I wanted to share!


SueZan said...

Hey Amy!

It's SueZan (Butler) Wight. Just thought I'd drop a note and say hello! I found you on Jackie's blog. I just started blogging a few months ago and am amazed at this incredible world of communication I've been missing out on! :) Love your little boys eyes! What a cutie!

Take care and good luck with the little one on the way. :)

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LukErin said...

Every time I read your updates I feel so bad; I have awful pregnancy also and I know how bad it is when you can't sleep and have things that you HAVE to do and take care of. I am sooo sorry!

The fireworks looked so fun! I love that last picture... so sweet!!
Good luck, really I hope you are feeling better soon.

Ryan and Heidi said...

Fun! I love those fireworks too! We usually go to them every year, but just decided to have a movie night instead! It was still fun! I'm sorry about the contractions and stuff! That is no will be totally worth it in the end! Keep us updated!

Erik and Candace said...

Man, we missed out, but I'm sure Austyn wouldn't have made it that late. Those pictures are darling! Good memories.