Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boen's first Valentines!

We started out the morning with Canyon cakes, Valentine's style! I put pink food coloring in the mix and raspberries, but they didn't get very pink, oh well, they werre still delicious!

We used my darling heart plates from nowhere else but Pier 1

Don't I look beautiful in the morning? I guess I forgot to wash my face last night! I have no shame! Bingham is showing off his teddy, Oliver and Company (my favorite show!), and his cute and very creative valentine I made him!

Brody gave me a dozen of the most beautiful roses! They are my favorite kind! Not to mention a pedicure! He does love me!!!

Brody and Boen for Boen's first Valentines Day! Boen showing us his cute valentine, he loved it so much he ate it! and his cute teddy! I got Brody some cologne from AE, it smells sooooooooo good I just couldn't resist. I also got him a cute shirt and some golf balls with hearts on them, well those were from the boys!

Here is sickly Bingham showing off his new movie! "If this is torture Chain me to the wall!"

And of course another picture of my beautys! Bingham says they are from him too! Thanks boys!

Last but not least a picture of what cupid left!

Hope you had a nice Valentines Day!


Sammy said...

Those roses are beautiful! Good job brod! Those poor boys, i hate that they are so sick! makes me sad. Looks like you all had a great V day!

Kilgore's said...

My girls want that movie. I didn't even know it was out...good to know!