Friday, February 13, 2009


We have had the saddest week! The boys have been soooo sick and so bored being cooped up in our house, that I had to slip away to get some gifts! Cause thats what I do best, Shop! I shop when I'm sad, angry, happy, or if I feel bad for someone... So, naturally I had to get my babies some get well gifts! (I get it from my mom who gets it from her mom) Grammy has brought us dinner, given the kids toys, called me daily,etc... My mom has brought us food, brought Bingham slurpee after slurpee, stickers, paper, etc. So I took an hour, thanks Brody, and picked up the rest of my Valentine gifts (that you'll learn about tomorrow), and some get well toys! I got Bingham a little robot that actually works and makes noise, and Boen a chew toy. I also found the cutest jammies for the boys.

Now here are a few pics of my little bugga-bug peeping when he woke up today!

Here are a few of the Valentine frames I made and put pictures in for the Grandma's gifts! They turned out pretty cute, it always helps to have cute babies to put in them!

I will quickly explain how to do them. Buy a little wooden frame from a craft store. Paint the edges whatever color you choose, trace cute paper to put on the front, cut it out. Then mod podge the paper on. Just follow the directions on the Mod Podge. Then you can embellish however you like! I tried to keep it simple, because I didn't want to much going on with the busy prints and darling kids! Happy Valentines Tomorrow!


Ty and Ber said...

Those frames are way cute. Nice job. Hopefully your kiddos get feeling well soon. It's never fun when kids are sick.

Amy said...

Poor little babies! We missed you guys on Friday. And those frames are awesome! So cute!!

April said...

Love the frames, they turned out so much cuter than mine, I don't have pics to put in them either oh well. Love the pics of the Bo Bo so cute. I love him. Can I steal him? hehe
I am the worst I didn't even think of bringing dinner, sorry.

The Haywood Family said...

I love the frames they are really cute. I love making that stuff its so fun. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!