Monday, January 18, 2010

No Phone Zone

I watched Oprah today, which is not a common thing around my house at four in the afternoon! Because I watched I have learned some things and decided to apply them in my own life! I hope you will join me and Oprah in this movement! STOP TALKING ON THE PHONE AND TEXTING WHILE DRIVING (PERIOD). You can go to her website to sign the petition and I'd love to hear who is with us! Leave me a short post if you are in! Lets save lives!!!
(Picture taken from Oprah's website)


Sammy said...

Oh man i have it on my DVR and will be watching it soon! I am with you on this 100% I'll have to work on Erik. he he

Amy said...

I love it! I'm glad oprah is doing this. She has quite the impact on the public, me included.

BTW love the song playing.

The Bruces said...

I am with you on this one!!!!

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