Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Animal Days

Bingham riding the ponies!
I guess we had better get us one of these,
it was a big hit with my guys!
Boen's first ride on a pony.
I thought he might get scared,
but he didn't want daddy touching him!
The boys got a cute bear mask.
Here is Boen sportin' his!
Here is Bingham sportin' his bear mask!
I wish we could have held him!
Boen was pretty obsessed with those animals.
Bingham was pretty much ready to go once he road the horses,
and the train of course!
Boen with Auntie Sammy!
I first looked at that picture and said Hey, mom didn't come with us,
but then I realized it wasn't my mom it was Sammy.
I finally see the resemblance I guess!
Bingham liked to just pet them!
Boen liked to attack them!
I guess he gets that from his daddy!
This little goat pooped right after this shot.
Boen went to grab the little poops.
I think he thought they were chocolate!
Bingham showing his goat skills!
Boen laying with the pigs!
Some guy was having his kids put hand sanitizer on after touching the pigs,
and telling them they had to do it so they wouldn't get the swine flu.
I turned laughing at his joke...
Wait he wasn't joking, oops!
He glared at me good.
Sir you can't catch the swine flu like that, HELLO!
So funny, some peeps!
Baby goats with long ears, born last night!
Brody, Boen and the little calf!
Boen kept saying mooooo!
Bingham was a little hesistant about this tractor.
I guess he has seen "The Man in the Moon."
Sad show!
That white thing in there is an albino peacock!
He was awesome!
I wish I could have gotten a better picture!


Becky said...

That first picture of Bing on the horse is SO cute. And I love Boen's new haircut. cute boys!

Sammy said...

Thanks for coming up and going to that! It was so much fun, Boen was cracking me up, he was NOT afraid of any of the animals! too cute, love the pictures of them on the ponys. and i TOTALLY look like mom in that picture with boen!!! I thought it was her too!

Skye said...

That was fun, I just wish it wasn't so packed.

Harris Family said...

Your boys are getting so big! We haven't seen you guys since New Years. We really need to get together soon! Call us when your not so busy!!

Katie said...

How fun! I need to take my kids to that next year!!

Sarah & Trent said...

We went up there too! It was so fun~ but freezing windy. You caught some adorable pictures!