Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

Eveyday since Bingham started preschool, 7+months ago,
he has asked me when the school bus would come to pick him up.
Infact, the first day, when we got in the car he seemed so confused.
I asked him what the problem was and he told me
he thought the school bus was going to take him to school.
It made me feel really bad, had I known,
I would have explained it to him before hand.
Anyhoo, about a month ago he got a flyer from school
saying that he got to ride a bus to the zoo in April.
What?? I knew how excited this would make him.
So, yesterday was the day and I documented this first step of his life,
Bingham's First Bus Ride.

He didn't even care that I couldn't go with him.

Cute Mallory!

I was happy to see they had seatbelts.

Bingham, and his two besties, Mallory and Ryan!

Bingham, Mallory, and Ryan.
The Three Amigos.

My baby is all grown up.

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Sammy said...

too cute! love these pictures his little girlie friend is a doll! oh she's cute hope he had fun at the zoo.