Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Darling basinet!

This is my darling basinet, that our besties made for our baby girl!
Yes, I said made.

Targhee made the wood part and Kiley made the fabric part!

I'm dying over it!
I cannot wait to use it for our sweet baby girl!

Look at the darling buttons!
Aren't they the best?
And this is sweet Irie, their baby girl that is 3 months old that I had the privledge of taking pics of!
We only have to live about 7 more months without them while Kiley finishes us dental school!
Love you guys thanks again!
P.S. If you want to buy one of those darling basinets let me know!!!


Sammy said...

shut up! I so would've bought one! soooooo cute! I love it she's too cute, pretty little thing!

Erik and Candace said...

That is the cutest basinet ever Amy. I can't wait to see your little baby girl that will fill it. Little Irie is such cutie. I love looking at your photography.

oh yeah, thanks for the petti-skirt link. Those were so cute.