Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FHE at the Corn Maze

Iron Man Bingham

Boen headed down...




I think Brody had more fun that the kids!

Ruby was a maniac!

Huddy... faster than a speeding bullet!

Digging for candy in the corn... haha get it candy corn!
oh I kill myself!

Burried alive!

Ridin' a pony!

Grammy and Papa aka:
Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein!

Ruby the friendly ghost.

Hudson the Jack-o-lantern!

Bingham aka: Skat the black cat!

Boen the wicked witch!

Papa starting the corn maze!

Brody thinking he's tough and
can get through the maze without any problems!

April and Ruby

Boen hiding in the corn with me and Pasli???

Boen and Ruby, she led him around.

Grammy Papa and the Children of the Corn....

The end of the maze we finally made it!

Relaxing after we got out!

April and Grammy decided to slide!

And they made it out alive!
What a fun Family Home Evening!


Sammy said...

so cute! jealous we couldn't be there, looks like a blast! that was fun when we went 2 years ago, the pics of boen going down crack me up, he's sideways! ha ha

Luke and Erin said...

I love punkinaze! Our old house was 3 miles west on 2550... It makes me miss it!

Marisa Hodges said...

That slide looks SOOOO much fun! Ohh and I love the girl name Paisli, its adorable!

J.lee Hansen said...

Nice jacket... I'm glad im not the only one who sports that still