Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st 2010-I'm Thankful for... husband! He is such a strong person who has overcome so much in his life to be where he is now! Brody is my perfect match, he is the 2nd child in a family of four, he loves basketball, and other sport. He loves our children and is the most amazing and involved father there ever could be. He always tells me that if I want to go out and bring in the money, he'd love to be the stay at home dad! He is a great friend to everyone. He works hard at his church callings, loved serving his mission in Paris, France and still has great relationships with those he served and served with! He is a great brother to my little brother! He is the hardest worker at his job, at home and at all he does. He has renovated so much in our home and our past homes. I couldn't ask for a man to love me more. I have had comments from others saying they have never met a man that loved his wife so much! And its true! I am thankful for you Brods! I love you!!!


Sammy said...

brody is the best! we love him so much and he is the best dad, brother in law and uncle! cute picture :)

April said...

He is great! So fun to do all the Thanksfuls!