Monday, November 15, 2010

November 13th, 2010-I'm thankful for... friends! I am thankful for new friends and old friends! I have had friends since I was a little girl that I love so much! When you make friends at an early age and make it through the high school years and the early married years and busy times you are true friends! I have made friends in my new ward that I feel like I've known my whole life! I have friends all over the world and am proud to say that! It so good to have a friend to vent to when times are tough and friends to laugh all night with over nothing! I love all my friends and cherish them so much! I girl needs good friends!

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Travis and Meghan said...

i'm thankful to have good friends too. I sometimes feel left out because I'm not up there to spend a lot of time with you guys, but I still consider you all great friends. Hopefully I'll get to see you guys and catch up soon!! Hey, I've been meaning to give you my new cell number. It is 435-632-3657. Talk to ya soon!