Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4th, 2010- I'm thankful for... big round belly! Well, not really the belly, but whats a cookin' inside! My baby girl! I feel like I know her already, and cannot wait to hold her in my arms! I am thankful she is measuring perfect and that she is healthy! I love her and spend a lot of time already buying dresses for her and decorating her room. I am thankful that she will have a daddy that will be so over protective, cause he already talks about it. And I'm thankful she has two older brothers to watch over her, protect her, and teach her things! I am thankful I will get to do her hair, paint her nails, and dress her up all cute! I'm thankful that I'll get to shop in the pink isles at Target, and look for ponies, princesses, and dress ups! Looking forward to you baby girl! I love you already!

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