Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th-I'm thankful for...

Just how I remember Grandpa Speechly


Grandma and pa Speechly!
 (I can't find any pics of Grandma and pa Dogu or Call)

...my Grandparents! Wow how lucky can one girl be? I have the most wonderful Grandparents in the whole world! I am so thankful for each one so here is a break down of each:
Grammy- my moms mom! Grammy lives just half a block up the street from me and has always lived within one mile of me! She is the most giving person you'll ever meet! Grammy has been through so many trials in her life and has kept strong through all of it. She is a teacher, a singing teacher, she volunteers at the Tree House museum and takes on so many side projects that she is so busy! She tends for us cooks us dinner and she's always there to lend me a helping hand! So thankful for you Grammy!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Speechly-My dear sweet Grandpa Speechly passed away about a month ago. It was so hard on me, although I know he is so happy up in heaven he was such an amazing man! He was a war hero and such a great Grandpa! He loved sports and loved to attend my different events! Grandma is the sweetest little lady ever! She spends her days playing her organ and working on her geneology! She loves to get visits from us and I love them so much!
Grandma and Grandpa Call (Brody's paternal Grandparents)-about a year and a half after Brody and I were married they opened up there home to us and our sweet Bingham! We lived in their basement for about 7 months. It was the best place to live! I'd leave for work and they wouldn't let me take Bing with me, they always helped me with him and loved him more than anyone! Grandma Call even cooked dinner most days and invited us up! So yummy, boy do I miss having homemade rolls on hand at all times! Brody and I still talk about how much we loved living there! Good times! I am so thankful that I got to know them so well, we even had movie nights together!
Grandma and Grandpa Dogu (Brody's maternal Grandparents)-We are so lucky to have so many Grandparents in our lives, Grandma and pa Dogu are so sweet! When they sold their condo in St. George we went down to help them move, and as a thank you they gave us so much furniture and household items that were so nice, and still are! They always give us a big hug when they see us and want to stay updated on our lives! We love them so much!
So, yes i am so thankful to have so many wonderful Grandparents around to spoil me and my family!!!

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Harris Family said...

You so cute Amy! I'm glad your on top of things! It was fun to see you. We need to get together more. We miss hanging out :)