Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th, 2010-I'm thankful for...

Dave and Julie with our family! Mother- and Father-in-law, Dave and Julie! I am lucky to have married into a family that loves me! They live close and it is so fun to let them be apart of my life with Brody and that of our kids! We get to spend Holidays and evey other Sunday with them as well as so many days in between. I am thankful they are good grandparents and have a love for my boys and my future baby girl. They have a welcome home that we love to go to. I am thankful that Dave has skills to teach Brody and my boys, and to help us when we need something fixed or built. I am thankful for his friendly personality and funny jokes he tells! I am thankful Julie has a warm heart and open arms to exept another daughter into her life. I am thankful she has yummy recipes to pass down and cook for us! I am thankful that she has good taste and can always lend a decorating hand! I am thankful they are around and we will have them in our lives forever!

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