Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Happenings

Bingham going to the lights without me

Boen going to the lights without me

My Bug

Uncle B, Violet, my Mom and Dad at the Annual Grammy Party

Bingham with Uncle B and Violet

Bingham and Boen singing and dancing to jingle bells

Getting ready to sing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Hudson, Boen, Nixon, and Bingham

Dad's version of Feliz Navidad

Grammy GG sharing her picture of her sweet baby boy Bart that died of Lukemia at the age of 4.
He is so darling!

Grandma and Grandpa "greats" party!
Brighton Cheznie Boen and Bingham


Boen, Bingham, Cheznie, Brighton, and Dari singing jingle bells!

Santa asked Boen what he wanted for Chrismtas. 

and he pointed to the present Santa was holding and said," That present!"

So cute!

Give it to me Santa!

Chez, not sure what to think!

Bingham wanting to open his present!

Walking away with his gift...

Brighton working the crowd, and Santa!

Bingham at the Ward Party without me, :(

Isn't he the cutest Santa, I truly believe he is the real one!
He has a pic with this same Santa every year since he was 6mo!

My favorite picture!

My boys with Santa Claus!

Brighton and Cheznie know how to pose!

Bri, Chez, Bo, and Bing

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Eat lots of delicious food!
And pray that baby girl can stay in at least one more week!

Happy Holidays!
xxoo Amy


Sammy said...

on more week?! wow that is nuts, hopefully longer than that but one more would be good too. oh that last picture is darling. those girls are beautiful and such handsome boys. I'm sad about their hair, it was so cute but they are darling either way!

Katie said...

Cute cute pictures!!! I laughed at Boen sitting on Santa's lap and saying he wanted "that present"....EXACT same thing Rockwell said when he sat on Santa's lap :)

Sherice said...

Hope you are doing well, baby girl is hanging in there, and you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Darling pictures, your boys are looking so grown up!