Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve
We spent Christmas Eve at my parents home.
It was so fun! We ate a delicious Christmas dinner, made by my mom and Grammy.
The kids exchanged their presents, Boen got dinosaurs and books on CD.
Bingham got a Transformer! They were so excited! Then my mom put together a little Nativity play with the kids for us! My dad read Luke 2 and it was such a neat tradition to start in our own family!

Ruby (Mary) and Bingham (Joseph) with Finn (baby Jesus)

My dad reading Luke 2 as the kids acted out the scene.

Violet (the angel)

Boen (a wiseman) bringing a gift to baby Jesus!
We were laughing our heads off at Boen, he looked like Aunt Jamima!

And you can see Hudson (the shepard) in this picture of the whole nativity!
Next year we'll have another Angel!

After that the kids opened their Christmas Eve jammies!

And Boen was so tired, see the darling yawn?

The boys showing off their Jammies!

Christmas Morning
Boen and Bingham waiting at the top of the stairs in suspense,
while Daddy goes down to see of Santa came.
At 5:45am (they woke up a little after 5am,
 but we let them watch a show on our floor for a little bit.)

The boys coming into the living room.

Boen got a Lightening McQueen garage from Santa.
Santa only only brings one gift per child and fills the stockings.

Bingham with his marble track Santa brought him!

Boen-going through his stocking, he got a donut, a dollar bill,
a card game, a space shuttle, a banana, & hot chocolate all stuffed inside!

Bingham opening his stocking, he got a donut. a dollar bill,
a card game, a helicopter, a banana, and hot chocolate all stuffed inside as well.

Boen stuffing his donut in!

Bingham enjoying his donut!

Bingham with his Leapster Explorer that mom and dad got him,
and Boen with his Leapfrog Texter from mom and dad.
Bingham also got a giant Giraffe pillow pet, a new shirt, a Leapster game, and a few other knick knacks.
Boen got a package of Cars cars, a new outfit, a crawling squid, and a few other knick knacks as well.
They got a CD player for their room to share, Toy Story 3 DVD, and How to Train Your Dragon DVD. 
They got each other a Hex Bug, have you seen those?
They were pretty much the coolest toy we got at our house. 
They are hours of fun!!! 

After playing at our house for a while we went to Grandma and Grandpa Calls (Brody's parents)
to exchange gifts. Bingham and Boen got some fun things, cars, trucks, puzzles, and some other fun things!

Here they are fighting over the present Aunt Cassi and Uncle Jon gave them, it was so funny!
After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa Dogu's for Christmas Brunch. So delicious!
Then we went to Grammy and Papa's (my parent's) to talk to Uncle Jeff calling from Ghana Africa!
It was a lot of fun to talk to Jeff, he is doing really well and has a funny little accent. He speaks Twii, and is a trainer. He has been in the same place since the beginning of his mission. He has grown so much in the gospel and we are all so proud of him. It was hard not having him here with us but it is good to know he is happy and safe and doing what the Lord wants! He got to take donuts and drinks to the local jail and met some people that he feels he really got to! So, good luck Jeff we love you!
Then we took the boys home to play for a couple of hours, because they were dying to.
Then we went to Brody's Grandparents and visited for a little bit and the boys got a couple more gifts!
Spoiled rotten! 
We made a plan to stay home next Christmas, with the exception of two hours to visit Brody's family and two hours to visit my family. Its just too hectic, and not fair to the kids.
Its hard to make everyone happy and I think its most important to let the kids be happy!

Oh how I love Christmas with kids, especially this year! It makes it so much more fun! I was lucky that I got most of my shopping done before I was put on bedrest. It made Christmas a little less hectic. I love that the boys really understood about Santa and Baby Jesus. I was sad to have missed out on a few of my favorite things, but the good thing about Christmas is that is comes every year. And it will be even more fun because next year, I can buy girl toys for the first time, since we already have every boy toy there is! I really tried to cut back this year, and succeeded, which is probably because I couldn't shop after Thanksgiving. I usually just buy more and more cause I see a good deal, even if I was finished! haha! I hope you had a great Christmas too!


Jackie said...

How Fun! I LOVE their Jammies! Way cute! Looks like a great Chrismas! We stay home on Christmas too, except for one visit. It's so nice. Can't wait to see Nursery pics!!! It's SOO close Amy!!!

Sammy said...

so cute! I love the pics of christmas morn, it was so good to be down for christmas and see the cute boys. baby stay in there for just another week or so! can't wait to see the nursery

Sherice said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you are hanging in there! Can't wait to see that baby girl!