Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paisli May's Nursery

Well, I couldn't resist posting some pictures of Paisli May's nursery. Every time I look at it, I gasp out how wonderful it has turned out. And there is still more to do. I had a color theme immediately after i found out I was having a girl. I wanted vintage pink, no matter what! I have had two boys, and no pink! I also love gray which looks awesome with pink, and ivory, I also added some greens and some darker pinks as accents and yellow here and there. I didn't want a theme per say, just wanted it to flow. I picked out some fabrics and my mom went to town making the quilt, yes she made that beautiful quilt for my princess. She also made the bumpers, recovered the rocking chair and is making the bed skirt, which will be made of ivory tulle, and the curtains that are going to be gray we think with ruffles. She is a very talented lady. And so giving of her time, not only is she watching my boys most of the time, she is also shopping for me and sewing my things. And when I try to give her money she runs away. I will repay her one day, I will take care of her when she is too old to do that her self. She can move in with me and we will just push my dad down the stairs! haha that is what he wants us to do anyway!

I close up of the crib and darling stencil.

The view of the North wall.
I will get a toy box soon, not just a laundry basket.

This is a cradle for Paisli's dolls that she'll have one day.
We found it at a consignment store,
Brody painted it and stenciled the butterfly to make it so cute!

Brody has been marvelous! He painted the entire nursery a pale gray, and while doing so, he accidently kicked the gal of paint over onto the carpet. There was no going back, it was devistating! But being the amazing guy that he is, he tore up the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors. Yes, on top of taking care of the kids, and working! He is putting up some more baseboard as you can see. He also did the stenciling on the wall behind her bed! He put up new curtain rods and has done everything I ask of him! Can you say that he loves me or what? haha really though I am so thankful for a handy handsome husband! And that is the rug we got for Christmas from my sister and Brody's sister to warm up her room a bit!

This is her built-in book shelf that still needs some work, but that is the charm of old houses!

Here is the chandelier that we stole from our room and Brody spray painted it pink!
I really would have done most of this stuff myself ,
but being on bedrest really hindered my work ethic, but now my creativity!

I hung her Blessing Dress, I bought in London,
that is from one of the castles and is from 1920.

Although it is not all set up, don't you just love the
curves on the walls and the dormer window?
See the rocking chair my mom recovered?
Soooo cute and so soft!

An old window my father in law found.
We will put pics and maybe a wreath of some sort on this!

I just had to show the cutest fabric I found (paisley fabric? get it? haha)
and my mom sewed for Paisli's carseat cover.

The underneath, so sassy!

And the carseat itself is to die for!

A closer look!

The quilt, all layed out!

A closer look!

The cutest pillow for the crib, and the cute animals!
The kitty my friend made, yes made, isn't it to die for?
And the elephant from my inlaws, its way soft and matches perfectly!

The inside of the bumpers, my mom made!

The outside of the bumpers my mom made!

The towel I was going to make, but my mom did it instead.
Its so cute and really works, she sells them over at Sweet Ruby.

My nursing cover my mom made me and another towel, also for sale at Sweet Ruby.

So, thanks to all the help of my mom and Brody; Paisli, you can come in one week if you want!
Dr. Seale said he'd take me off bedrest and my meds next Saturday when I get to 37wks! Yeah!!!
And thanks to all those who have helped me along the way,
she is going to be a little chub that is healthy and gets to come home with us!


April said...

I'm in love! I can't with till she's there sleeping in it! And yes won't it be funny when she comes out with rolls!

The Harvey's said...

Way way cute!!! I love the decor, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book shelf, and the window where the rocking chair is!

Amy said...

Oh!! Everything is so cute! I love that you are having a little girl! I can't wait to meet her!

Skye said...

Everything is beautiful, now I need a girl! And that is so amazing you made it this far, I'm so glad she didn't come early. Good luck!

Sammy said...

i LOVE the nursery, seriously I died when i went over there the other day, makes me want to start all over on vi's room! you've done more for your baby that isn't even born than I have for my 6 month old! waiting on a few things. ha ha love it!

Stefanie Stephenson said...

Wow...I think you're ready for a girl! :) dang Cute! Great job!

anne said...

beautiful job ! So fun and "girly"
WELCOME Pasli :)

Blush said...

Everything is darling! makes me a little baby hungry ... but just a little. I cant wait to see the pictures of paisli herself.

Jaclyn King said...

wow that is so stinking cute!!!! I love everything about that room. And having a house in Ogden you get so much great detail, instead of having a cookie cutter house.

Sherice said...

Love. Love. Love. Couldn't be any more perfect. So girly~ can't wait to see her! You are getting so close:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE NURSERY. It is darling. I can't wait to see it in real life. See you soon.
P.S. Paisli do not make ur appearance until at least the night of Jan 26th.

angie said...

this is Angie. I don't know why it put me as anonymous

Samantha said...

Super cute, Amy! You have a talent for decorating for sure! I'm so glad you love the kitty doll! I hope Paisli does, too :)