Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bingham is 4yrs and 2+months


this is my family on Valentines! So cute huh!

It just hit me that my first born will be going to Kindergarten in the fall! Ahh! Am I that old, to have a Kindergartener? Wow, he is beyond ready, he is so smart. For example, Bingham reads and sounds out small words. He also started adding and subtracting a couple months ago, while I was on bed rest. He spent hours on end asking me what 3+3 was and 9-7 etc... I would always turn it around and ask him! He always knew. But its awesome how he gets to the conclusion. He closes his eyes and says the answer. No fingers? you might ask. Nope he pictures it in his head or something like that I guess. I've asked and he just says he sees it when he closes his eyes! And the other day he asked me what our phone number was, I told him and he knew it from that moment on! Briliant little guy. Well, that will take me into my next comment on my 4 1/2yr old. He is no little at all. He is actually so very tall it is scary. He wears a 7 in pants and 6 in shirts. He wears a 13 or sometimes a 1 in shoes. His measurments are: 47inches tall and he weighs 48pounds. I love him so much! He has been such a big helper with Boen and with Paisli! He is into watching basketball with his dad and looks forward to starting up soccer again in the spring and baseball in the summer! He has a new best friend every day after school! He tells me about a new friend that he played with! I love that he is social and makes friends easily! Good little man!


April said...

I can't believe he's that old either. He's so cute and funny! I love hen he closes his eyes and gives me the answer little smarty!

anne said...

YOu have sucha a beautiful family ! Congratulations mommy !!!