Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boen at 2 1/2yrs


Boen is getting so big it kills me. He is still my baby, even though I have an actual baby now. He loves his new little sister so much its scary, all he wants to do it "tiss her" kiss her! I love it and he always tells Brody and me that he loves us and that he misses us. It sounds like this, " I wuv you mommy!" "I miss you mommy!" He has such a tender heart. Although he is getting to the age where he throws tantrums which includes yelling, ignoring, and throwing anything in his way onto the ground! Boen is a little smarty. He knows his ABCs and has for a while. He loves to dance, sing, play, color, but he won't watch tv except for Toy Story 3 or Finding Nemo. He sings to Paisli, "Rock a bye baby, in the treehouse!" haha we love this kid! He loves to add numbers and has a questions about everything! Which is followed by another question formed from your answer to his last question! He isn't my good little sleeper anymore. Ever since I was put on bedrest and until about 3 days ago he would wake up a number of times a night and be up for the day at least by 5am. It has been rough but he seems to be getting better. He now only naps for about an hour a day, which is a drastic change from his 4-5hr. naps! He will be going to preschool in the fall and that is so crazy to me. I cannot believe he is that old, well he really isn't he'll probably be the youngest in his class but he is ready and so excited! I love my little bugga bug! Boen is 39 inches tall (same as Bing at this age) and weighs he 32pounds. He went poopoo on the potty the first time ever on Brody's birthday. (2/19/11) He said I'm gonna poop, so Brody ran him into the bathroom and he went! He hasn't gone since but ya gotta start somewhere! I want to get rid of his Binky first though! That is our next big project! He is gonna be lost without it, but he gets more and more attached each day so now is the time! Sorry buddy in advance! Mommy loves you so much!

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April said...

Wow 2 1/2 and preschool crazy! Such a cuties and so funny! I love that he just loves paisley. I knew he would by how much he loves finney!