Sunday, February 27, 2011

Please read this post, it can help keep you RSV FREE!!!

Boen and his rosy RSV cheeks!

Oh, how I am sick of winter, it decided to come early this year in November, leave before Christmas and return in the middle of February bringing us some lovely sickness! My sweet Boen started to get a cold I took him in just to be sure it wasn't RSV, but sure enough he was tested and it came back positive. Now we are just hoping he doesn't get too bad and sweet Paisli May doesn't get it. It could be really bad if she did. Boen has had some really low temps as of yesterday and today which are worrisome, and if I get another really low one its off to the doctor we go, again! So I thought I would and should share a few tips that we have learned from having RSV, which by the way is a complete mystery how we got it. We don't go anywhere and haven't had any visitors! Here are the tips:
*If you suspect a cold, even if the snot is clear, it could be RSV (and it was in Bo's case). The symptoms include: mild fever, runny nose, mild sore throat, cough.
*RSV is a viral infection of the airways and lungs, occurring from the late Fall to early and mid spring.
* Anyone can get it and spread it but it is most dangerous in babies less than 6weeks old.
* RSV is spread by bontact with infected substances (nasal discharge/mucus, coughing). the virus is VERY contagious. It enters the air through coughing and sneezing. RSV is spread by hands that have been in contact with mucus from the nose, mouth, and eyes.
*RSV can live one to two hours on clothes, blankets, tissues, or skin; and up to six hours on cribs, counter tops, sinks, and toys.
*to prevent RSV WASH YOUR HANDS!! Use and antibacterial soap and running water for 15-20 seconds. Clean toys, pacifiers, cribs, etc. with an antibacterial soap. Rinse well.
*The only way to be sure its RSV  is to be tested at the Dr. office. Please get your child tested and if you suspect your child may have RSV, STAY HOME!!!

Thanks and I wish you all are RSV FREE!!!

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Sherice said...

So sorry to hear about your poor kiddos. RSV is no fun at all! I hope everyone gets feeling better soon, and Paisli is the cutest thing ever!!