Friday, February 25, 2011

Paisli is one month!

Paisli's first Valentines!

Cute frilly bum! xxoo!

Paisli's Valentine's gift!

Paisli's vintage dresser that was my moms.
I have wanted it forever, and it is perfect in her room!
 We just added the darling handles my sister in law bought for Pais!

The curtains, I designed and my mom sewed! I love them so much!!!

Sometimes I just have to go into her room just to see how beautiful it turned out!

I cannot believe my little baby girl is already 1 month. Probably because the first two weeks of her life
I was not all there. Its all due to the c-section! Boo to that. But I am feeling pretty good and so is she! I
cannot believe how big she is I bet she is about 9lbs. She is so long and has the longest arms! This week she
 has been sleeping 5hrs at night (10-3am) then she eats every 3hrs the rest of the time and sleeps in between!

Paisli is now SMILING! She has the most beautiful smile, her whole body smiles too! Her first smile was
5 days ago at me! and she has done it at least 2 times a day since! Brody got her to smile for him last night &
my mom did too! I love her so much! She is now in 0-3months in clothes and is getting so big!


April said...

Oh I love her shes so cute! Cant believe she's already one! And her room is amazing!!!!

Sammy said...

I miss her so much she is so beautiful, I can't wait to come see her! I'll be there thursday, if I can stay away that long!

Jackie said...

where did the month go!?! I can't believe she's a month! its SO fun when they start smiling! can't wait to see her in person- i bet pictures don't do her justice!

Katie said...

Beautiful baby!!! I'm excited to meet her.

The Nielsens said...

WOW those curtains are amazing. Who knew they could have such a great effect on a room!

The Nielsens said...

And your baby is beautiful of course!