Monday, March 28, 2011


Mrs. is 2 months and the sweetest little gal ever!
Paisli's stats- length  23inches 75%
weight   10lbs 4.5oz  45%
head circ   39.8cm  75%

She is still nursing every 3hrs,
sleeps quite a bit still (just not great at night).
She smiles, coos, and even laughs.
(And melts my heart every time!)
She may be balding, but with parents like us,
she could easily turn into Rapunzel over night.
She will always have a perfectly shaped head
because she has never been put down.
(She is on the "Princess Program")

Paisli May in her Blessing dress.
Her I bought her dress is in Notting Hill,
just outside of London, at a market.
It is a vintage eyelit dress 
from the 1920's, and from a Castle.
Her bracelet was given to her from
her Aunt April, my older sister.
She bought it from Jordan at
I made her headband.
Her lacy tights I bought at Dillards.
And last, but certainly not least,
her shoes I bought at Gracious May.
Of course I bought the Paisley shoes.

My mom added a slip
and did such an awesome job.
Isn't the back lovely?

Miss Paisli May, my sweet girl.

My darling boys love their sissy,
sometimes a little too much!

Smiling for the camera!

Love their tootsies!


Pickin'- boys will be boys.

All of these pics were taken the 24th and 25th of March.
(Paisli at 2months with and without her brothers.)


April said...

Those pictures are to die for! Love all those cuties! I'm so glad the dress turned out it was amazing.

Megan J. Dawson said...

I love all the pictures, but I love the one of all three of them smiling and looking at the camera! I hope you're going to frame that one.

Skye said...

She's beautiful, the pictures are so great.

Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

That dress is beautiful! And so is the baby :) Love the pics!

Erik and Candace said...

Amy those are the most darling pictures of your kids ever. What a fun photo shoot, it makes me excited for you to take pictures of my kids! Your kids are all beautiful, and your boys all of the sudden are looking so grown up. I hope the blessing went well. I feel so bad I had to miss it. I will call you tomorrow to see how everything was. Paisli looked beautimous.

Heather said...

Great pictures!!!! You're so talented, and you have an absolutely adorable family!

Sammy said...

oh my gosh, i miss her already! oh she is so beautiful and such a little sweetie pie. i can't believe she's already 2 months! wow. what a sweet little baby doll. those pictures are to die for, her dress is amazing!

anne said...

Just made me SMILE all over ! love the pics - beautiful family you are blessed with :) and yes, you are so very talented with the photos - course how could you go wrong with those kiddos

Sherice said...

Oh, I love all of the pics of your kiddos! Every single one of them are gorgeous and it is so fun to see them all together:) Her blessing dress is precious!