Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paisli's Blessing Day

Paisli's Blessing Day was such a wonderful day! Paisli was given the name Paisli May Call and her Daddy gave her the most beautiful blessing. She was surrounded by some of the most wonderful men in our life! It was such a great meeting as well. Our Stake President spoke with his family, they just moved into the ward and it was so spiritual! It was just a great day! We love our Stake President!!! After the meeting we went back to our house for a Brunch. We had Crockpot French Toast, delicious!!! With all the different toppings you could ask for, coconut syrup, berry syrups, mapel syrup, fruit, cream cheese whipped topping, etc... Thank you to all those that made it out to our special day! We love you Miss Paisli May Call!!!
Paisli screaming her little colic heart out,
with Grandma and Grandpa Call.

Paisli with Grammy and Papa!

Paisli with Grandma and Grandpa Great
(Brody's grandparents).

Paisli showing off her sweet shoes with GG
 (my Grammy who pretty much worked the whole
day to make sure eveything went smoothly!)

My sister Sammy with her baby Violet, with Paisli and me!
Where's April in this pic???

Here I am with my sweets!

Brody and I with Paisli!
Wish the boys could have been in this pic!
They all wore Paisley ties in honor of the little Miss!

Great Grandpa Speechly with
Paisli in her after blessing dress!

It was kind of a sad morning for me as I was getting ready.
I was thinking that this would be the first blessing of my children
where my Grandpa Speechly wouldn't be in the blessing circle.
I started to tear up. As I was putting on my makeup,
Paisli was crying in the background. I finished and went in to get her
and she was smiling and cooing at nothing.
I felt my sweet Grandpa's Spirit, he was there talking with her.
 And during the blessing I know he was there as well!
I miss my Grandpa soo much he was my only Grandpa that I ever knew.
But I am so lucky to have Grandpa Great Call,
he has been like a real Grandpa to me,
he treats me just like his own granddaughter!
All in all a great day!


Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

What a sweet story about Grandpa! I'm sure he really was there, talking to your little Paisli. She looked beautiful!

Sammy said...

so sweet, i love these pictures and i miss that sweet baby doll! Oh she's just so pretty, hope she gets better and that you can all get some rest the poor sweet thing. I love those pictures with grandma

April said...

Ok thanks for making me cry! Love grandpa, I'm sure he was there! She looks so cute! Loved her dress and yes why didn't I get a picture with her!

Erik and Candace said...

You and Paisli both looked beautiful. What a special day. I love blessing days. I am still so sad I had to miss it. I'm sorry your grandpa couldn't be there in person, but it sounds like you felt him and he was there in spirit. It is so hard to see our sweet grandparents pass on. My grandma is very close, and it makes me so sad.
I hope little Paisli's colic goes away soon!! It was good talking with you today and I'm stoked about the races. Erik wants to do it, I'll call you tomorrow!