Saturday, May 7, 2011


I set up the camera and definitely didn't get a great shot!
But this is us Easter Sunday 2011!

Out of focus! Awesome!

Paisli May in her Easter dress!

Paisli in her sweet Easter Bonnett!

My mom (Grammy), her brother Uncle "B" holding Paisli, Violet, and my sister Sammy!

Ruby, Trent holding Finn, April and Hudson!
(my sister's family)

My cute nephews and niece!

Little Miss Violet (my sweet niece)

The Girl Cousins in their African get up from Grammy honoring Jeff!

The boys in their shirts Grammy gave them for Easter!

Bingham in the fun blow up ball my mom got the kids for her house!

Ruby having her turn!

Baby Boen enjoying his ride!

Hudson just before he got the ride of his life, from Uncle "B"!!!

Brody and the kids waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought!
We celebrate the Easter Bunny part on Saturday!
It has worked out nicely for our family, that way they can enjoy their treats
and have an Easter Egg hunt and take their time.
They also get to focus more on Christ on Sunday!!!

Boen with his Easter basket!

Bingham and his awesome hair, Easter morning!

One easter basket!

Paisli May on her 1st Easter!

Here I am with my kids!

Paisli at Bing's soccer game later that day!

Easter sugar cookies I made and ate a little too many!

My teeny tiny easter bunny!

Look at that bubble!
Its funny, she actually looks chubby in this picture!
Which she is not, I sure wish she was though!

Paisli thinks she can stand! Naughty girl!


Skye said...

That bunny hat is the cutest thing ever! Your family is beautiful.

Sammy said...

i love those pictures! Oh she is the cutest little thing ever. i love her standing! Too funny, those skinny little legs ha ha. and vi looks bigger than ruby in that picture! lol

Sherice said...

Holy cow~ Those bunny pictures are the cutest thing ever! Love the tail:) Your little family is so beautiful!