Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paili at 3months and a Breast Feeding Rant!!!

Although, Paisli May turned three months on the 25th of April, I was a little busy.
I did however, take her picture that day, I'm just a little slow on posting!
Paisli at 3months is as darling as ever. She is quite a little naughty, she is on what I call on the
"The Princess Program" (Book on that coming soon).
Paisli is so much fun! She loves to laugh and smile when she feels good!
She loves to lay on the floor as long as you are right there for her to smile at!
 I weighed her on the 19th of April and she weighed 11lbs with a sopping wet diaper.
I was advised to supplement. That my friends was easier said than done.
Paisli has a fear of the bottle, I am guessing. It took almost two weeks to get her to take a bottle with ease.
She is looking a little chubbier now! I am getting a little more rest,
up until that day she cried almost all dayand night!
Huh? Ya think she was hungry on top of all those tummy aches?
I'm gonna take a stab at it and say yes, yes she was!
So for those that think Breast is Best, I'd like to say that Breast is Best for some people!
But as for my sister's and I, it is not. And don't try and tell me that every woman can Breast Feed!
It is not so, just like, not every woman can get pregnant! And not every woman has a period. It just isn't so! I do produce milk, it is just skim milk, and therefore Breast is NOT Best in my case!
My sister's first baby slept almost all day when she breast fed. He was so lethargic, he wasn't gaining weight, but she was Breast Feeding, she just produced skim milk like me.
I feel that 3months was okay, maybe 2months would have been better this time around!
I used to work on the Post Partum Unit at McKay Dee Hospital and the lactation consultants tried to say all these things. "Everyone can nurse!" "Everyone can, you just have to drink enough, eat the right things, latch your baby on the correct way, pump, supplement, don't use a binky, etc..." I have heard it all!
I remember people saying rude things out right to my sisters and I am NOT okay with that!
It is something that hurts us! We have tried that is all that counts!
One lady told my sister that she seemed like a mom that would nurse, like a bad mom gives a bottle?
Someone else said, "How are we gonna get those Speechly girls to nurse?" For real?
 Like we are killing our children by bottle feeding? 
I'd like to say that both of my sisters are some of the BEST moms out there! Don't even get me started!
Well, I may have started hahaha! Sorry about the Rant! But I feel VERY STRONGLY about this,
and want to help educate some people out there!


The Bruces said...

Amy I feel the same way I could not get the breast feeding down but for different reasons I got way to much milk in and it was causing me to get constant infections and stuff so my only option was to give up after 6 weeks both times and go with formula and my kids are great too :)
And this is a huge IF but if I ever have another one I won't even nurse at all and I'm sure I'll hear all the flack people say but I say it's a personal thing and hats off to those who can do it and if ya can't well we are all still great moms!

April said...

HERE, HERE! I still think its so weird that girl said to me, "I pictured you as a girl who would nurse?" WHAT?! Weird. I do think women who nurse love it and yes its healthier but because I had an awful experience with Hudson I hated it with my other kids. It never felt natural to me at all, my babies hated it, and cried and well, they are so cute and healthy. so yes bottle was best for me! I'm glad she's doing better and I think your amazing you lasted so long! Go girl! I can always count on you for sticking up for me, haha!

Becky said...

I'm sorry about what you've been through. I know that it doesn't work for everyone. And I'm sorry for the things that have been said to you or that you've heard. You're right though, it doesn't work for everyone- just like everyone woman can't get pregnant, etc. You just have to do what's right for you baby, whatever that may be. I hope she's feeling better now and you are too!

C said...

I love this post. It is ridiculous that people would even think that a mother who feeds her children formula is a bad mother. First, who are they to judge that mother's choice or only option if she wants a healthy baby? And second, formula is NOT bad.
Just like you, I am so tired of other mothers/people saying that all women can breastfeed successfully. Some can't, no matter how much they drink, eat, or whatever supplements they take! There should definitely be more information available about women who can't breastfeed to let the world know that it is just fine if a woman has to formula feed.
I'm so glad that you have been able to figure it all out for your sweet little girl! I hope things keep going well.

Jackie said...

Girl, you do what works for you! Nursing DID NOT work with Havannah... I tried EVERYTHING. No go. I remember feeling like an evil person when I decided to bottle her because of what people thought. Now I breast feed tommy and people give me nasty looks! It's a loose loose situation! You are a great mom and Paisli is ADORABLE (thanks for letting me cuddle her). Don't sweat over it at all. You're doing what's best for you and her and nothing else matters! :)

Auburn Soul Photography said...

Locke was the best nurser, about 1yr
Breck.. about a month, she couldn't take my milk and had major reflux (out of freakin control) so it wasn't worth it.
Then turns out I was starving Riz, I started supplementing at 3m, he is now 6m and still only weighs 13lbs! He was 8lbs at birth. Once I started formula with him he has been SO happy!
Then my friend nursed both her boys for 1yr and she does natural births. she just had her 3rd and only nursed for a week! Every baby/mom is different. Nursing isn't for everyone/ or every baby!
love ya! Your a great mom.

Erin Hall said...

I'm sorry that you and your sister deal with that. I am the same way, for some reason my milk would just stop right aorund 6 weeks. It would come in full force and then just stop. I was able to pump and nurse for the six week with most my kids and give them breast milk for 3-4 months-but it was in a bottle. Then it was formula. All of my kids are smart, kind and sweet (most the time). Pretty sure it didn't screw them up in the least. People should just learn to tend to thier own problems and let a good mom, be a good mom in the only way she can. You are a wonderful Mama!

Sammy said...

woot woot! Way to go, seriously it's the biggest joke, thats just the way it is, why do people think so many babies used to die way back when? no formula! well, among other reasons. sad but true. I hate feeling guilty about it too, i'm fine now but i had a really hard time. we do what we can but it's just not worth it in the end. you are an amazing mother! the best!

Jaclyn King said...

I totally agree with you!!! I even decided before Lexi was born nursing wasn't for me... but for some reason it came really easy for us so I stuck with it, but I definitely don't think it is for everyone.

Anonymous said...

You misspelled your daughter's name in the title of the post

Amy said...

oh well

Skye said...

I wish someone had told me how hard nursing was before I started! It is so hard and so time consuming. So I totally agree, if you can do it great, if not-don't judge! I'm glad she's happier now.

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh Amy how I love & miss your freakin cute face!! You are so funny!! I totally know how it is when you aren't the best breast feeder!! At least you gave it 3 months I thought it was worth a medal when I breast fed both my kids for 6 weeks!! My body isn't made to breast feed either, I don't produce enough!! Oh well get over it I say!! Move on & nourish the baby with a bottle!! I totally don't care about the people who are nipple nazi's!! Done & Done!! So proud of you! You are an awesome, beautiful little mommy!! :)