Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swim Lessons

Miss Paisli May watching her brothers!

Bingham and Boen took swim lessons at WSU!
They had such a great time, and so did I!
It was so funny to watch them swimming and trying to learn!
Boen was a little naughty though.
He got in trouble a few times for not listening.
Look at Miss Jill, Boen is a bit harder than Bingham!
They both are great at floating, just need to practice, then they'll be swimming in no time!


April said...

those are so cute! I bet they loved it! i need to get my kids in that!

Sammy said...

oh my gosh boen cracks me up! THey are hilarious in their goggles, ha ha. so cute those are the cutest pictures. cracks me up they can float! they are so daring