Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Practicing soccer...

She really was kicking the soccer ball!

Sorry, just had to throw in this random pic of Boen!
He put his Iron Man arm in his muffin and starting singing "Happy Birthday!"
He really is the funniest kid!

Pais stretching after I took her out of her carseat!

Always sucking her fingers, fist, thumb, blanket, anything and everything!

Trying to catch a smile on the camera!

We play beauty parlor, lots!

Practicing peek-a-boo!

Caught it! Such a beauty-full smile!

Practicing rolling over. She can't yet, but she tries soo hard!

Practicing tummy time!

The boys wanted in on the action!

Almost, baby almost!

Paisli at Finny's 1st bday party!
(pics coming soon of his big bday)


April said...

she is always so well dressed! I don't plan on more kids but if I did some day I hope its a girl so I can borrow all her clothes! love those kids, so cute!

Sammy said...

oh my gosh! I miss that sweetie poo already! Oh she looks so beautiful! What a little princess. I love her outfits, of course! and those little toes. that last picture she looks like a dolly! I love her little smile, such a beautiful baby!