Monday, June 27, 2011

Paisli 5months/sickly

Paisli after her blood tests :(

Paisli at Bear Lake enjoying our walk!

Pais has discovered her tongue.

Sleeping at the beach in her stroller covered from all the harmful rays of the sun!

Paisli in her bikini!

Such a beauty!!!

Paisli May is now 5months! I cannot believe it especially since she is so tiny! She has been such a wonderful addition to our little family, so sweet and cute! Everytime I am mad or start to feel sad all I have to do is look at her and I feel happy! She weighs as of Friday the 24th of June 12lbs 12oz

She has been so sick for so long, we thought she had colic and have tried many formula changes, etc... I finally got down to the bottom of it when she had been throwing up every single bottle for over a week. I mean projectile, EVERY bit! I took her to the Dr. and didn't get to see the regular one. He just said oh she has a headcold and she will start keeping the bottles down when she feels better. I didn't buy it! So, a few days later I took her back in, I just had a bad feeling and she was stilll throwing up constantly! So, Dr. Clawson had me take her to the hospital for a series of test. And we found out her liver wasn't functioning right! It scared me! I didn't want to deal with another sick baby! I felt so bad for her. She really did have something wrong with her for all these months that she was unhappy and throwing up, at first not every bottle but a few times a day.

Anyhoo, after more tests we found out she had CMV. And we are thinking this is what was causing her liver to have issues. She lost 6oz in less than 4days. Its scary, they were ready to admit my sweety. But she was started on a new formula, the really expensive kind, and slowly started keeping bottles down. She gained 2oz and we kept her out of the pediatric unit.

We go in tomorrow for another liver test, and are hoping it is getting better, so she can get feeling better. Paisli is so talented. She has a new trick. We put her arms above her head and then pulls them down real stiff and tight as we say big! I will have to post a video of it! She can't sit yet and really doesn't do much, CMV is just like Mono. It really messes with your body, making you weak and it stays with you forever. I hope she can start getting better soon.

I love having a teeny baby just so it seems like she is younger for longer, but I want her to develop as she is supposed to. If she can gain a pound or so soon we will start baby food, but not until she is almost sitting up and doubles her birth wait and we have a ways to go! We took her to Bear Lake for the first time this past weekend and she got to sport her teeny weeny yellow bikini! What a way to spend your 5month bday! We didn't do anything but relax since she is still recovering, and I will update as soon as we get the results from tomorrows tests!


Amy said...

Oh Amy! She is soooo cute!! I'm so sorry that she has been sick, but I bet it is somewhat of a relief to finally know what she has. That poor cute little thing!! Fingers crossed that the test results will come back better this time :)

Samantha said...

Poor little girl! I hope she feels better soon!!!

The Hardy's said...

Oh Amy, I'm so sorry she is sick! She's way too cute to have to suffer like that. I hope she starts feeling better soon!!!!

Suzan Bruce said...

I feel so bad you have been dealing with so much poor baby and mommy! Hang in there it sounds like things are improving. She is soooooo pretty.

Sammy said...

oh my heart just breaks! I feel so bad for that little sweetheart and i miss her so much. I love those pictures she is so dang cute! I miss her, can't wait to see her this weekend and hog her! I hope she starts to feel better soon. SO sad, she's so sweet but glad they found out what is wrong

Skye said...

I'm sorry. I didn't know you had to deal with health problems with Bing too. I hope things went well at Primarys, good luck. It was good to see you yesterday.