Sunday, July 10, 2011

I have a 5 year old!!!???

to bingham at the age of 5-
the first time i saw you, i fell in love even though you were all bruised up and had a tube to make you breath. i prayed to heavenly father that you would live through the night. you were given a blessing by your daddy and your papa. i was in so much pain, but it was all worth it to have you here on this earth as my first baby boy! you had big blue eyes, and light brown hair. i wasn't able to hold you that first night and it broke my heart. but the next morning you came off the machines and i was able to hold you. i never wanted to let you go. over the next week you got bigger and stayed in the nicu until you were able to breath and eat on your own, and until your head got somewhat better. we found out you had a pretty bad heart murmur that you still have today. i had so much fun designing your nursery at home that you finally were able to see after about a week. you didn't sleep in there, however. i couldn't let you out of my site! over the course of your first year we went to your regular check ups, two weeks-everything getting better, 4 months-we found out you had horner syndrome. at 6 months we found out you had klempke palsy. shortly after we tested you for cancer, and a few other scary things. during an MRI we found out you don't have a left carotid artery. this all came from the horrible labor. you have been very healthy despite your hard start at life. you had a seizure when you were 3yrs old. but nothing since! each year you are smarter and smarter. you are cuter and cuter. and definitely bigger and bigger. you are and have always been off the charts in length and in about the 90th percentile in wt. you will start kindergarten pretty soon and i couldn't bare to have you do whole day so I singed you up for half to begin! You know how to add and subtract, you can almost read and at least sound out most words. you are such a big helper with boen and paisli!
Hit this link to see you as a newborn in the NICU! So darling!
Now you look like this! Still one blue eye and one green eye, and you always draw your self portrait like that! You are my helper with Paisli and you and Boen are best friends, even though you fight a lot! YOu are really tall and most of the kids your age come to your shoulders. You are such a tender spirit, and have a good head on you. You know how to add subtract, and read most small words and sound out the bigs ones! You love to play tball and are starting to love soccer too. You love to play with friends and to help me out around the house, sometimes when I don't even want help! I love you Bingham you are my first love!
Love, your mommy! xxoo

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Sammy said...

So cute, I love those newborn pictures, oh he was so cute! And true he gets cuter and cuter and bigger and bigger! Oh I love that sweet bingham boy! such a sweet post :)