Sunday, June 5, 2011


Boen isn't old enough to officially play Tball,
but you might notice him on the field sometimes!!!

Or practicing on the side!

Love sports!

Checkin out the game!


Miss Paisli May being a great cheerleader!

Beauty-ful toes!

Bingham waiting in line to bat!

Boen thinks he is after Bingham!

Oh Brody is the coach and he really enjoys it!

Nice hit!

Run buddy!


First Baseman!

Get that ball!

Boen joining our team in the outfield!

Love it!

Get it!

Great job Bingham!


Sherice said...

oh, t~ball is the cutest! love that boen wants to be right in there with his big bro:) such darling kiddos.

Skye said...

Those toes are too cute!