Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paisli May 6months

Not sure what happened with my camera skills,
 but they were not working!!!
Paisli May is now 6mo old!
She can sort of sit with help, sometimes...
She coos and goos!
She loves to lay on the ground and suck on her toes.
She rolls both ways, but not very often.
She loves to watch her brothers play!
She loves her gray stuffed kitty, and her baby dolls!
I got her a my little pony baby for her 1/2 bday,
and she absolutely loves it!
She still is pretty bald, but her hair looks light brownish red...
Paisli is 26 1/4in 75%
she weighs 14.2lbs 20%
(finally doubled her birth wt or 7.1lbs)
and her head is 45cm 95% (large)
She is such a little sweety,
and such a great addition to our lives,
i cannot imagine our lives without this angel!

1 comment:

Sammy said...

happy half bday pais! Oh I love that little dolly, she's so sweet. and looks like she's getting some weight on her! So cute, I love her sitting in the bumbo, darling!