Monday, August 8, 2011

Boen is 3yrs!!!

My little Buggy is now 3yrs old!

He loves anything and everything having to do with Cars!

he got a bike horn and didn't even have a bike, or did he?


a Lightning McQueen bike!

Just his size!

He had a party all Cars themed!
We had grape juice in the Gas Can!
The kids got a kick out of that!

Mexican food because Lightning McQueen lives in AZ

Here is Luigi's Leaning Tower or Tires!

The flags at the race!

And the big race!
With a car wash at the end!
I designed it and Brody put my design to work!!!

The kids had a blast!

Cousin Ruby all wet!


Cousin Chezzy and Brighton enjoying the party!

My mom made this fabulous McQueen cake!!!
Yes, she sales her cakes!!!

the big bday boy!

The cotton candy machine!


Boen's girlfriend, Austyn is helping him open his present!

Singing happy birthday to himself, along with all of us!

"happy bithday to Boen, happy birthday to you"

first try...

2nd try... success!

Boen is so much fun, and my hardest child! He is full of energy and loves to make a mess, and get into EVERYTHING! He is also my cuddle bug! He loves to snuggle and hug and kiss! He is very outgoing and friendly with everyone! He loves chocolate milk and mac n' cheese (just like I did when I was his age.) He loves Cars, and bugs! He is 40inches tall (95%) and weighs 38lbs. He is a tough kid, always wrestling and trying to keep up with Bingham! Love you little naughty, so much!!! xxoo


Sammy said...

SO CUTE! I'm sad we missed his party, it looks sooo darling i love that little stink! I still have his present totally forgot to give it to you last time i was down, next time for sure. seriously such a fum party! i miss those boys and pais too!

Skye said...

What a great party! The bike and cake are too cute.

Sherice said...

So darling! Candace told me what a fabulous job you did on his little party:) The car wash is genious! And your mom never disappoints with her amazing cakes. Happy birthday to little Boen!!

Ben and Camille said...

fun party!! good work girl!!