Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Children's Parade, back in July!

Boen at the annual children's parade on Washington!

Bingham, little patriotic dude!

Miss Paisli-She had the cutest outfit on, but I didn't get a good shot of it!

Heather helping Boen along!

Another shot of Miss Pais, but not enough of that outfit!

Boen and Ryker standing in front of Mater

Bing biking over to check out Mater

Ryker being a little trickster!

Ruby and her lovely decorated bike!
She looked so darn cute!

Finny in his red white and blue!

Aybrie in her red white and blue!

She even has her eyes matching her outfit!

Ryker, Ruby, Hudson, Bingham, and Boen...
After the parade the kids got to see a firetruck
and were climbing all over it!

The cousins, minus Finn, Violet, and Paisli


Brody holding Aybrie walking the parade!

look at her wave that flag!

And Finny on the fire truck!

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