Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey! Everybody its Family Night

Boen and his kadidid!

Bing and Bo and Kadi

Poor Paisli, had to wear Kadi as a bow!


brody sportin the kadidid

"it tickles"

Love how this pic turned out, haha!

These are Paisli's 6mo pictures!
Big blue eyes!

all i did was lighten this pic and her eyes really are this blue,
just a little lighter!

finally out of the newborn size!

getting some dimples in her hands!

We got Paisli's results from her latest labs.
And everything is almost normal!
What a relief!!!

our friend squirrel that lives in our tree!

Brody showing off his bark from a stump that came off in one piece!

Boen inside!

Bing thought he could wear it as pants!

These are Bing's 5yr pics!
Not sure what he was doing here tho!
Still cute!

even in b&w you can see the eye color difference!

Boen's 3yr pics!

Yes he has vampire fangs!
Eat your heart out Twilight lovers!

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Sammy said...

I don't know why I am just now seeing this! SO cute oh my GOSH I miss those kids! Especially Pais, oh she's getting so big and she looks SO cute in those pictures! I love the one where you just brightened it her eyes are so pretty! and I love the ones with the kadidid on her head! lol cracks me up she is so sweet. poor girl ha ha those boys! they look so handsome :)