Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last minute summer fun!

We decided to take a small evening trip out to antelope island.

Bingham and Boen had a great time.

Brody and Paisli did too!
And yes, I was there and enjoyed myself as well!

Proof that I actually did go!


Boen found a sparkly rock! He carried it everywhere!

Our family portrait...

The boys loved to see the buffalo...

He was right up next to our car!
They have the funniest heads!

The miniature owl at the Ogden Nature Center

He was only the size of my hand!

The Bald Eagle

checking out the lake behind this blinder

the eagle's next

Boen getting ahead of me to make sure there weren't any rattle snakes!

the treehouse, see the tiny little heads at the very top?



And the mouse hole!
They were looking for real mice the whole time!
So sad summer is almost over!

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Sammy said...

they crack me up, that is so fun! I remember going there for a field trip one time, it was so awesome! How fun for those boys i bet they just loved it. And Antelope island looks like fun, i went there for a field trip too! Good times