Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paisli sitting...

My baby girl is now sitting.
She started really doing it on the 7th of August.
But now she is an expert.
She sits for up to 30 seconds if she is focused.
So, I had to get a few pics of her being so big!!!

She likes to suck on her toes, and didn't want to perform at first!

I had Brody close by in case she fell on the hard tile,
but it was getting late and my kitchen gets pretty good natural light in the evening!

1 comment:

Sammy said...

Such a big girl! Oh I'm so proud of her! That is so exciting, she is so cute and getting so big I LOVE the pictures of her eating her food. SO DANG cute. I love her and can't wait to squish her on SAturday!