Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disneyland 2011

This boys dream land!
He asked me every day when we got ready if we were going to "Dineyland"
So it was so fun when we pulled up and surprised the boys!
They were so excited, and couldn't believe it!

Disneyland 2011

This was the 2nd day at Disneyland!
The opening of the Halloween town!

Back to the 1st day! Paisli with Minnie Mouse!

2nd day-smiling for the picture!

too cute!

All the kids with Minnie!

Doing some tricks in the 1hr long wait at the Haunted Mansion!

We love Walt Disney!!!

Jack the pumpkin king out side of the haunted mansion.
They change the inside to look like the Nightmare Before Christmas!
Its so dang cute and probably so much work!

Sorry guys, I was focusing in on Jack!

Boen says this guy is "CREEPY" (his new favorite word)

Paisli, sneaking in the picture!

Doing tricks in line, like usual!

The teacups!

Drinking our tea!

He loves his mickey ears!

My lova!
she was such a good baby!
She loved the rides and was so pleasant the entire time!

The boys!

Dumbo-one of my favs!

Bingham and Brighton at the Sword in the Stone!

Boen wanting to take a turn!

Merry go round fun!

The new Mermaid ride in California Adventures, was one of my favorites!
And the line was nonexistent!

Bing and Bri, so big!

Boen checking stuff out!
He love Disneyland so much!
He got to ride everything except for Indiana Jones!

More of the Mermaid ride, right when you dip down into the sea!
It gets cold and you really feel that way!

Angie, Cheznie, Shauna holding Mayan, Bing, Bri, Brannon, and Rio!

Brody, Paisli, Ang, Shauna, and Bing on the Storybook ride!

the cousins!
Boen, Cheznie, Bingham, Brighton, and Paisli!

just had to get a picture of Finnius and Ferb for my nephew Hudson!

Bingham and Boen playing part in the soldiers from toy story performance!

Aren't these some cute toys?
Boen, Brighton, Belize, Bingham, and Cheznie.

Angie and Cheznie

Bingham and Boen outside of the Buzz lightyear ride!
Bingham was so crazy and Disneyland!
He rode every ride and his favorite was Indiana Jones! or what he calls Indi!

Rio and Cheznie
We had such a great time! Oh Disneyland how we love you!


Sammy said...

SO JEALOUS! Oh my gosh that looks amazing, I can't wait til my kids are older and we can take them to disneyland! Looks so amazing, seriously i'm dying to go during halloween, definitely have to go during that from now on! LOVE the mickey and minnie outfits, so dang cute!

Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

How fun!!! I LOVE Disneyland! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Harris Family said...

Looks fun.. glad you could stop by and see us!