Thursday, October 6, 2011

Redondo Beach, where dreams are made...

Cheznie and Boen at Redondo Beach
2 blocks from Angie's house!

Boys searching for crabs and starfish in the rocks!

Cheznie was our tag-along buddy while her mommy shopped for groceries to feed us all!
She is the hostess with the mostess!

Boen showing off his crab!

Chez sportin' my sun hat!

Brighton Cheznie Bingham Paisli and Boen
The Call cousins!


Checking out her first crab!

Boen caught a cool star fish at the tide pools at !

my babies! Aren't they the sweetest?
This is at Hermosa Beach!

Miss Paisli May

Bri and Chez

Bing body boarding! He took quite the spill!

More to come!


Sammy said...

YES! post more oh my gosh! These pictures are SO DANG CUTE. Pais looks SO pretty and I love her in her little bikini. And the boys are the biggest studs seriously, they are going to be heart breakers. Man I could use a trip to the beach right about now! SO cute

Skye said...

How fun! and Paisli is the cutest thing ever.