Saturday, October 8, 2011

Redondo Beach continued...

Redondo Beach Aquarium
Boen just checking the creatures out!

Bingham holding a sea cucumber.

Boen showing Paisli a sea cucumber.

He was kissing it for good luck!

Brody showing Pais the big ugly fish!

The boys at Redondo Beach boardwalk!
Such a fun place!

Such beautiful scenery!
Wish I could say the same for the people!

Paisli and Me on the boardwalk!


We went whale watching.

But the only animals we saw were these fat seals!

Well, and some little boy animals!

Look there is one!

Checking out the seals!

Up at the top of Rancho Palos Verdes!
Gorgeous place!

Bingham just being Bingham!

Paisli looking at her first crab!

Boen caught a starfish!

Bing's starfish!

Isnt' it cool?

We found all these at White Point beach at the tide pools!
The best in Cali-for sure!
If you want to find some creatures, head there!

Brody loves his creatures!

Trying to scream louder than the waves!

Did I do it?
Yes sir you did!

The boys' collection.

Looking and looking...

Sand dollar

Mr. Crab

Brody getting brave as the tide rises!

So impressed he is still standing!

What a great day!

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Sammy said...

SO FUN! that looks so awesome. i Love those star fishes. thanks for ours! I keep leaving it at mom's but i'll make sure and take it this time they are so pretty! So fun, hopefully it's not too long before we make it to the beach!