Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Cemetery and D-Day Beaches

This was probably my favorite day in France!
We drove to Normandy, where the D-day Beaches are and also to the American Cemetery! There is nothing I can compare to this place! I felt so proud that my Grandpa Speechly served in World War II. And
I just felt so proud of our American soldiers saving the French people from bondage!
This picture is taken and Pont du Hoc

The German's had over taken the area. This is a picture of one of the hundreds of holes at pont du hoc where the bombs were dropped.

The American's scaled this cliff in a surprise attack on the Germans!

Its so beautiful!

Brody standing near some big holes!

This is the memorial at Pont du Hoc

If you don't know the story, go look it up! It is such a great victory in American history!

Brody looking out of one of the German hide outs at the top of the cliff!

Another one of the German hideouts.

Inside, you can still see the charcoaled wood, from the bomb!

Here I am at Omaha Beach
one of the Dday Beaches that the American's overtook for the French people!

The monument at Omaha Beach

This is the reflection pond at the American Cemetery (which is in France but considered, American soil!)

I felt like I was in America, because there were so many American's visiting.
There was a special Spirit you could feel here words cannot describe.

Here are the grave markers of the American's lost on French soil.
It is such an honor to be an American.

They went on and on, when I thought I was to the end, I looked around a little building and there were just as many on that side. AMAZING!!!

This is a headstone for an unidentified American soldier.
"Here rests in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God"

These markers are for the American Jewish soldiers.

Here is a view from above Omaha beach.

This is the ceiling above the memorial area!

This is a map of the battles that took place.

This tells the story of the dday beaches.

These are the named soldiers that gave their life for the people of France.
Inside there was a wonderful movie with the people of Normandy expressing their gratitude, and those that lived through this horrific time in our worlds history. Also, there was a movie of the family members who lost loved ones, that are burried in the American Cemetery. Such a tear jerker. It made me miss my Grandpa so much! I kept thinking about the letters he wrote to my Grandma as they'd tell of their letters.

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