Thursday, November 17, 2011


Meet the Mont Saint Michel
isn't it lovely?
I couldn't believe how cool this place was complete with homes surround the castle, a mote, draw bridge, a cathedral up top, and just so much history. It is surrounded by water and there is out on a little peninsula!

This is at low tide. The water comes in faster than galloping horses.

Oh yes, and lets not forget the canon out front!

see, draw bridge!!! that gate thing goes down and the big door shuts and locks, just like in the movies!

Lets not forget it has its own grave yard.

I just sit in awe of the beautiful stained glass!

inside one of the mini cathedrals.

I love the plants!

all of the details!

a night in not so shiny armor

Quite the hike to the top!

This is a shot of where the water rises.

I shot of the side, overlooking the water.


Can't you just picture them shooting their bows and arrows out this peep hole?

Another view from high up.

This is a shot from the south west side.

And here is our little hedgehog friend that Brody found by our bed and breakfast, or as we called it our bed and bread. Seriously, when I think of a bed and breakfast, I think eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fresh squeezed OJ, etc... or at least a bowl of cereal. All we got were some croissants and a shot of juice. Not impressed! The place was gorgeous, clean, and large rooms, but they were English and oh so snobby! But we didn't spend much time there, just really to sleep for two nights!

 a view of the Mont Saint Michel at night

absolutely breathtaking!

The inside of the Mont Saint Michel at night.

The big doors at the entrance. I love daydreaming about the wars and how they'd peek through this hole and see the bad guys approaching!

And leave it up to Brody to find another creature on our journey!
The big toad!
Check back soon for the D-day beaches and American Cemetery.


Aubree Jo said...

So Beautiful! I'm so jealous! I always tell RIley how much I would love to go the the Mont Saint Michel!

Skye said...

Wow, that is amazing. YOu are soo lucky, and you look awesome in all those pics with your cute coat and boots.