Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is Salamie pronounce it like So lo may.
I guess I better start by saying Brody and I had the priviledge of traveling to France to try and sale Minky Couture blankets. We are so thankful for such a once in a lifetime chance. We had a party at some people Brody knows from serving his mission in France. It was so wonderful for him especially to get to go back and see these people that he hasn't been able to see in over 8years. They truely love him for what he shared with them. He came to them just after the father of the home passed away. It was a hard time in their lives and Brody and his companion came and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Morel family. They had been members at one point but hadn't attended church in a long time. Brody lived in Chartres for 8+months and help in reactivating them. He also baptised the wives of two of the brothers. They cherish Brody and he cherishes them. He really feels like they are his family. Although, hard for me since I don't speak French and htey don't speak English, it was such a great experience to be in France and living with an actual French family for a few days.

We had a Minky Party at their home. It was very interesting. There was a big turn out but the whole "home party" thing didn't translate. We did have some sales and had a great time, they just mostly came because it was a party! At their parties they have disco balls and dances, in homes. That doesn't translate to me, but very interesting! They loved the blankets though and encouraged us to open a store in downtown Paris.

Here are some of the goodies we got for the party! Yummy!

This is Brody's favorite drink! Orangina! haha say with a French accent!

I just wanted to show their homes. They are a family that consists of a Mother, and her two sons that each have a house on the property, and their uncle that has one as well. Annie, the mother has her own too! That Rapunzel looking part is where they keep their storage. I was saddened by that. I would give anything to let my baby girl live a place like that! haha! Again, translation!

Brody, smelling the roses on the side of their home!

Everything in France is so lovely!


This is Jeremie and Ingrid's home! They have the daughter Salamie and I little boy that I never figured out his name! oopsie, again translation!

This is the home we stayed in, it is the home of Noway (just like it sounds, No way) and Solenn. They have to little boys, Aiden and Ethan (I think)

Rapunzel's tower, haha or storage!

Brody and Jeremie, feeding the horses!

Annie's home (the Morel mother)

Again, Solenn and Noway's home!

Some fun art work in their home!

Solenn-isn't she pretty? She and Ingrid bought me these delightful treats! delish!

Jeremie's home again!


Brody with another family he knew from Church! Everyone was so nice and tried so hard to include me!

Ingrid, Brody holding Salomie, Jeremie and their son!
We hope they come stay with us very soon!

Here we are at church!

Alexandra Morel and Brody

Noway and Brody

Brody with Annie Morel

The room Solenn fixed up for us!
Isn't is nice?
More to come...


Sammy said...

YAY! PICTURES! They are all so pretty and that is crazy they have storage in that tower! TOTALLY would live in that thats so cool! Can't wait to see more, looks so amazing

Sherice said...

so awesome! glad you guys had that opportunity:) your little family is growing, and so beautiful!