Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chartres, France

Notre Dame de Chartres

I couldn't get enough pictures of this. It is so intricate, all of the little details. I just can't understand how they made this beautiful buildings so long ago!

More of the Notre Dame de Chartres

This is behind the Notre Dame de Chartres. I love walking around and seeing what not everyone takes the time to see.

Notre Dame de Chartres

the grounds

Notre Dame de Chartres

a great walkway along the Notre Dame de chartres

A great little river in Chartres down behind the Notre Dame.
I love all of the detail in the bridges, and cobble stone walkways and roads!

Darling little home on a side street.

This is Brody with Mr. Smith. He is a man that Brody became great friends with while on his mission. He had know idea that Mr. Smith was even alive still. He is from the U.S. and was great friends with Eisenhower and some different movie stars from way back when. He was so delighted to see Brody after 8yrs. He was so kind to us and took us to lunch. We spent a couple hours listening about his exciting life in the 30s up until today. He has lived in London and France and of course the U.S. When it was time to go, he walked us to our car and we could just tell he was lonely and wanted us to stay. Which I really would have liked to. Brody met him soon after his wife passed away and he came into his life just when he was needed. I felt like I had known him for years. I told him he should move back to the U.S. and date my grammy. Anyway, so great to meet such and wonderful person and I hope to see him again sometime!


Sammy said...

oh he is so sweet! That is so sad he was sad for you guys to go, he totally should date Grammy! Perfect couple, that is so awesome he knew all those people. Notre Dame looks amazing! I would've just been singing the hunchback songs, love that movie! What an amazing place!so pretty, love the hearts on that house

Skye said...

What an amazing experience!