Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Eiffel Tower

My first view of the Eiffle Tower (except for from the airplane). We were up at the Sacre Coeur.

We are on a bridge above the Seine River.

My boyfriend and I! Haha, but it really felt that way!

The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night! I am so grateful I got to see it at night. Something Brody never got to do when he was on his mission. It is lit up but every hour, on the hour it sparkles! AMAZING!

This is a shot from our double decker bus tour. We decided to do this, because when I was in London, it was the best way to get around and see all of the "sites". And it ended up being just as great in Paris! (we had a pass for two days) You can get on and off at every "site" or just keep riding! And it smelled much better than the subways!

Not the greatest shot of me or the Eiffel Tower, but Brods looks cute!

A view from underneath. There were thousands of people lined up to go inside. We didn't get to go, because it would have taken all day and we had lots to do!

From underneath. There were people spitting from the top, so needless to say we did not spend much time at all underneath the tower!

I just wanted to show some of the beautiful detail!

I couldn't get enough pictures of the Eiffel Tower. It is so beautiful and so large!

I thought this was such a great picture with the fountains in front!

I was so lucky to get a kiss! xxxx

Brody's attempt at trying to get a shot of me holding the E.T.

I guess it shows in the picture that I was annoyed with the girl taking our picture! haha!
(so fuzzy)


The bridge that leads straight up to it!

One of the carousels by the eiffel tower.

Sparkle baby sparkle!

I love this shot with the Seine, the tree, the other carousel, and the Eiffel Tower.

I will miss you my friend! One day we'll meet again!


April said...

you got some amazing pictures!

Sammy said...

oh my gosh! those pictures are AMAZING! seriously so gorgeous, wow one day hopefully I'll get there. wow!