Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wish Lists

So, for the later in life, I thought it'd be fun to know what was cool and what my kids actually wanted for Christmas. And of course, will Santa come through? Well, that part will have to wait until Christmas day, but for now here are there requests for presents!

Me: Boen, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?
Boen: Cars2 Geotrax.
Me: What else? Something for Daddy and me to get you...
Boen: I want that Discovery thing you look through and see dinosaurs and it tells about the dinosaurs. (that is what he got for Bingham, he says they can share it!) and a remote control bat, then it turns into real. and a ghost!

Me: Bingham, what do you want Santa to bring to you?
Bingham: Tangled game (for his Leapster Explorer), but I won't play with Rapunzel, I will only be Flynn Rider.
Me: That sounds cool, anything else? Cause you don't always get everything you ask for from Santa, sometimes you get stuff from mom and dad and Santa bring something else. So, any other requests? Like from mom and dad?
Bingham: a doggy?
Me: I'm not gonna get you a dog! Sorry, think of a toy!
Bingham: video game, um I don't know, a roll of toilet paper to put on my head? (so I put one on his head and said Merry Christmas, then he fell over laughing,)
Me: okay go away! haha!


April said...

They crack me up. They sound like my kids this year. I keep asking what do you want and I am getting little responses. I guess that's a hood thing less expectations.Bing told me the same thing, only to ply fly rider not Rapunzel too funny.

Sammy said...

oh my! the things they come up with lol i miss you all already! so funny that is awesome. hopefully he gets more than toilet paper, but so far sounds like you and santa have done pretty well!

chels and spence said...

ha ha so cute.... especially the end when you say ha ha go away :) sounds like me :)lol