Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Annual Grammy GG Christmas Party

Here is Boen and my cousin's little boy Bo!
They are about 5months apart! And so much alike!

A few more of the cousin's at the Grammy Party.

Paisli waiting patiently for her presents!

Grammy giving her lesson! This year it was on America, and had a lot of meaning behind it for us. Our neighbor was coming home that evening from a hospital back east. He had been in the war in Afghanistan, and was blown up in a IUD bomb went off. It was so neat the welcome he received! They had 25 flags in their front yard and yellow ribbon tide  all over too! We are so honored to have people like him protecting and risking their lives for our country!

Paisli and Brody!
Thanks grammy for such a fun party and delicious mexican food! We love the meaningful presents as well!

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