Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa "greats" party

Brighton sitting on Santa's lap at the annual Grandma and Grandpa "great" Christmas party!

Boen fell asleep on the way to the party, it was after the Grammy GG party in SLC, which made for a sad sad boy!

Paisli May was kind of terrified of all of the people there.

The cousins and second cousins and third cousins...

My boys didn't want anything to do with it!

as you can see here!

Chezzie and Paisli had a fun time singing Jingle Bells though!

Paisli on Grandma Greats lap!

watching the kids sit on santa's lap

Dari's turn!

Bri-Bri again!

Paisli didn't know what to think!

she just kept looking at Santa like, what? who are you? where's my mom?

Mom, stop taking pictures, save me!!!

Bingham on Santa's lap!

My cute 5yr old is getting too big for Santa's lap already!

Cheznie couldn't wait for her turn to sit on Santa's lap!

Boen refused!

The Call cousins!

Grandma looking at what Paisli got from Santa!

Every single thing Paisli opened this holiday season, she kissed right away! Without being told!

Cheznie Beth

My little beauty!

Angie, Scott, Cheznie, Brighton, and Baby to be!

Cousin Austin thinking he is so tricky, stealing a few pics of himself!

Brighton and Scott, doesn't she look so much like her daddy?

Uncle Jon creepin' in the background!

Brody's family, without the most special people of all! haha!

Angie, Nicole, Brody, Julie, David, Cassi

Here we are with our baby girl! The boys wouldn't join us for a picture! The little stinks!

Paisli May


April said...

you look so pretty as always! love paisleys smile, her little scrunched up nose.

Sherice said...

Darling pictures~ your little family is growing up! Looks like a wonderful Christmas:)