Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Rise and Shine its Christmas time!

Paisli is so pleasant, even when you wake her up! haha!

Waiting to go down and see what Santa brought! Did he come?

Were they good enough?

I guess so! Paisli is just looking at everything!

Enjoying her new pink puppy!

What did ya get in your stocking?
This is also Paisli's 11month bday! Only one month from Christmas and she'll be 1yr! Wootwoot! She is such a sweet heart, tall and skinny and loves to yell! She is finnally getting her hair, which is a mixture of colors. She stood for the first time by herself on xmas eve! She loves babies and stuffed animals. I gave her a little christmas car so she wouldn't feel left out and she throws it everytime I give it to her. All girl!!!

There she goes again! kissing everything!

Boen got the Cars 2 Geotrax! boy was he excited! Bingham got a few attachments for it as well!

two candy canes?

Looking to see if he got a glow in the dark Hex bug like Boen got in his stocking...
he did!

Paisli got Beauty and the Beast

Boen got Cars 2

Bing got Lion King

They both got some trios! Which we love love love!

'Boen opening and eating a powdered donut at the same time!

The boys helping Pais open her new Princess bike/pusher!


testing out her princess skills!

lightening mcqueen for his geo trax!

Bing got three games for his leapster explorer, the best thing we have ever spent money on! And a new carrying case for it!

Thanks for the clothes grammy!

Paisli crying in her new Christmas dress and fur, just before church!

After church we went to Aunt Debbies for Christmas Day Brunch! So yummy! and they all looked so darling!

After spending some time at Debbies we went to Grammy and Papa's to talk to Uncle Jeff on his mission. We sure miss him and he is doing well! Its such a fun gift to get to talk to him! He has had over 60 baptisms!!! Woohoo! I totally didn't take any pics at Grammy's dang it! Paisli got a unicorn castle with 5 unicorns in it, Boen got a big box of trios, and Bing got a huge art kit with tons of supplies! We also got some fun things and of course money!!! Thanks Grammy and Papa!

After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa Greats house to visit. Boen got in the dog's cage with it. He spent almost an hour cuddling their puppy! So, funny! Paisli got a cabbage patch kid, Boen got and Barn Uno game, and Bing got Sorry spinners. Thanks Grandma and pa great!

Here is Paisli's loot! She sure got spoiled for her first Christmas! Babies galore, a few books, her bike, a puppy that walks from her grandma and pa, and much much more!


I didn't get a pic with the boys and their loots but they all did pretty well! Spoiled rotten! We do remember the true meaning of Christmas! We are so greatful for the best gift of all from our brother Jesus Christ! Hope you all had a wonderfully merry Christmas!

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