Thursday, December 29, 2011

Girl Cousin Party

My Aunt Sandi and cousins' Jaclyn and Jami have started a new tradition for Christmas! We get together with the girls only and have a party. Our Speechly family is just too big now with everyone so we didn't want to miss out on seeing eachother. So, we now just go to Aunt Sandi's and have a lovely spread a food, great convos, and tons of laughs! I forgot to get my camera out earlier, but here are a few of the gals that made it!
Holli (my mom), Lauren, my sister April, Me, Jami, my Aunt Gayle, and in the back Aunt Sandi, and Jaclyn. My cousins' Lori, Brooke, Kelsey, Tami, and Sara were there as well. We sure missed those that weren't there, don't be mad if I left anyone out, there are like 20 of us! Of course we missed my sister Sammy, who just moved to Denver. Sheena, my cousin that just had a tubal pregnancy, and had a great scare. Stephanie, who lives in Texas. Aunt Suzan who had a thing at the conf center. Lindsey Michelle Sonya and Aunt Sherrie. And Shannon, Sandi's other daughter, we missed her too!

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Hansen Family said...

So fun! Send me the date next year - I didn't know!! (and so could use a fun girl night out!) xoxo!